Google Workspace Business Starter vs Standard vs Plus

Google Workspace offers a variety of plans to meet a variety of needs. However, is it really worth it to invest in a bigger, more expensive plan? Which plan is the best?

The Google Workspace Business Standard Plan is the best of the three options. It provides you with all of the essential features the starter plan does, plus 2TB of storage and cloud searching capabilities. The only thing you cannot access with the standard plan is the Google Vault. 

Read on to learn more about these three Google Workspace plans. In this article, you’ll find information about each plan that will help you to make your choice!

Google Workspace Business Starter

Google Workspace’s Business Starter plan is the most basic business plan they offer. That’s not to say that you’re severely limited by this plan; it still gives you access to all of the apps in the Google Workspace. This plan has a starting price of just $6 per month.

With the Google Workspace Business Starter plan, just as with every one of these plans, you have the option to pay either monthly or annually. If you pay monthly, you’re also able to cancel at any time, for any reason, without paying a cancellation fee! 


Understanding the features of the Google Workspace Business Starter plan is key to deciding whether it works well enough for you and your business. 

As you can see, the business starter plan really does provide a very basic user experience. 

Who is Google Workspace Business Starter Best For?

Smaller businesses would do really well with Google Workspace Business Starter. Businesses who only have a small handful of employees. Such as:

  • Etsy shops
  • Social media-based businesses
  • Small content houses

If your primary purpose for having a Google Workspace plan is just to get all of your employees in one place and you know you don’t need a ton of storage space, there is no reason Google Workspace Business Starter won’t work for you!

Google Workspace Business Standard

Google Workspace’s Business Standard plan is the next step up from the starter plan. Starting at just $12 per month, you get everything you’d get with the starter plan as well as some upgraded features. The Google Workspace Business Standard plan is the most common option chosen by business owners. 


Though the features of the Google Workspace Business Standard plan aren’t too different than the starter option, there are some slight differences:

The Google Workspace Business Standard plan comes with an impressive 2TB of storage per user, which is quite a step up from the starter plan, as well as cloud searching capabilities. 

Who Should Use the Google Workspace Standard Plan?

The Google Workspace Standard plan is good for almost anybody. Unlike with Google Workspace Business Standard, it gives the users the ability to search the cloud. That means that your Workspace users can pull things from the company’s internal reservoirs of information, like:

  • Important documents 
  • Past recorded meetings
  • Data

Cloud searching, like everything else in Google Workspace, is available for desktop and is mobile friendly. 

Google Workspace’s Business Standard plan also offers each Workspace user 2TB of storage. Whether you’re a small business looking to have room to grow or a big business looking for good storage at an affordable price, the Google Business Standard plan has you covered!

Google Workspace Business Plus

Google Workspace Business Plus is the highest tier of Google Workspace’s regular business offerings. Coming in at $18 per month, Google Workspace Business Plus provides the most well-rounded experience of the Google Workspace ecosystem. 


The features of the Google Workspace Business Plus plan are quite a step above the other plans so far. The features are:

As you can see, the Google Workspace Business Plus plan comes with more than double the storage of the standard plan. It also comes with access to the Google Vault. 

Is Google Workspace Business Plus Worth it?

Google Workspace Business Plus may be a worthy investment for large companies which are definitely going to meet that 300-user threshold. If you know you have a large number of employees and you want to be as organized as possible, then it could be just what you need. 

One thing that really sets Google Workspace Business Plus apart from its competitor plans is the fact that it grants users access to the Google Vault. From there, you can store and access files, slideshows, sheets, and even forms from the past. It is a good backup to have in case something gets lost!

The Google Workspace Business Standard Plan has Everything You Need

The Google Workspace Business Standard plan is the best way to go for most businesses. You get 2TB of storage per user which is, realistically, more than enough for most people. It allows you to search the cloud, and you can have the same number of users.

It doesn’t provide access to the Google Vault. However, there are definitely ways to get around this; the Google Vault is just a convenient thing that stores files for its users. It is not intended to be used as a backup for files. As long as you have somewhere to back up your files, Google Vault is not necessary. 


Google Workspace offers several plans. Remember to choose the one that’s right for you, and that when choosing a plan, it is much better to overestimate what you need than to underestimate and not have what you need!

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