Migrate to Google with Googally

At Googally, we focus solely on migrating small businesses to Google Workspace. It's what we've learned to do very well over the years.

Small Business Exclusive

  • You will join hands with a partner trustworthy than a Giant company, as we exclusively work with small businesses‍
  • You will enjoy one to one personal services which are targeted to transform your small business‍
  • You will never be required to invest time on Google Workspace, we will take care of it for you and your team

Consultation to Transition

  • You will always find us with you from initial consultation to migration to ongoing support
  • Your small business will see a transformation that helps you achieve more with less efforts
  • After transitioning to Google Workspace, we will help you to transform other parts of your business

Cost Effective Migrationon

  • You will get cost effective pricing when you migrate to Google Workspace with us
  • With an experience of over 100 migrations, we have built systems & processes to get you predictable (zero downtime) migration outcome
  • Its a Win-Win, You get Faster, Cheaper and Better Services

Industry Expertise

  • You will experience us taking in your language right from the first call because of our various industries experience
  • As we work only and very closely with small businesses, our 100+ migrations taught us a lot about various industries
  • You get industry knowledge and Google Workspace expertise which will work for your small business

Process Driven Move

  • We understand making the switch to a new email and collaboration platform is an important change for your small business, and we want this transition to be smooth, with minimal disruption to productivity and your daily operations.
  • Our organized transition methodology not only helps your small business in smooth transition to Google, but also keeps you updated about transition progress.‍

Ongoing Support

  • Your users will feel so comfortable with access to a team of Google Workspace certified professionals who are always ready to help.
  • We provide free 14 days free support after migration which will help your team settle down with Google Workspace.
  • You as a business owner would not need to invest time on Google Workspace questions or issues, we let you do what you do best.

What our customers say

Your fellow small businesses appreciate Googally's value add

Thousands of our emails were migrated without a glitch from Rackspace to Google Workspace, It was a peace of mind to work with Googally

Terry Prince

Owner, Bianca e Nero

Denver, CO

I highly recommend using Googally for painless migrations, the time and money saved are worth 100 times what we paid. The entire process was done from my phone while I was traveling with my family on vacation. it couldn't have been any easier.

Christophe Suchy

CEO, casprtech

Mandeville, LA

Googally was not only very technically knowledgeable and capable, but our representative Parveen was very communicative and reassuring throughout the process.You would be in great hands when utilizing Googally for your Google Workspace migrations.

Brett Cherry

COO, BioGaia USA

St. Louis, MO