Google Workspace Migration Process

We have learnt and refined our migration process from hundreds of migrations, let us give you a glimpse of how we help you with zero downtime transition to Google Workspace


Google Workspace Migration Process


Your Enquiry

Like most of our customers, either you are referred by our existing and happy customer, or you simply did a search on Google looking for services to migrate your data to Google Workspace, and hey, we popped up ;).

Once you fill up the form on our website, you would be receiving a migration quote providing details on how much would it cost, our migration process and timeline.


You Hire Us

Like most of our customers, you would find our Google Workspace service as Turn Key, assuming you hire us to migrate within this weekend, we will send you our online service purchase link (hosted on Stripe, a leading payment company) where you can purchase migration service using any of your credit card.


Information Sharing

We provide “white glove” migration service, and will handle it all without bothering you at all, however we do need some information to start with.

This information may include things like credentials of the email system you are migrating from, your Google Workspace super administrator credentials, list of users to be migrated and your company logo.


Credentials Evaluation

We don’t want to bother you on weekend, so the first thing we do after getting the information from you is to test it out, and ask you to correct if any information (e.g password) is incorrect.

Otherwise if we find all credentials working, then, hey, you are all set to go to the beach, we are all set to handle it for you.


Migration Preparation

We will now be preparing both (source and destination) system for the data migration.

It may include tasks like setting up your Google Workspace, create workspace users, groups, members, aliases, enabling required API access permissions in the source and Google Workspace system.


Test Migration

We perform test migration before starting the actual migration, in this phase, our systems would try to connect to your source email system to programmatically fetch some data, connect to Google Workspace to ingest this data.


Pre Stage Migration

In this migration phase, we will start migrating your email data (including folder hierarchy, attachments, read/unread state etc) for the date range 1990 till today - 30 days.

For e.g. If we start your data migration on 01/01/2022, then in pre stage migration phase, we will migrate all emails starting from 01/01/1990 to 12/01/2021.

We intentionally do not migrate recent 30 days of emails because your users will be working on these emails, filing them in folders, deleting them, marking them read etc, and if we migrate them before they take this action, then our migration utility will not catch it because its migration not sync.


Email Routing to Google Workspace

Once the pre stage migration (step 7) is completed, we will now change your company domain’s email routing to Google Workspace so that all new emails start landing in your new Google Workspace mailboxes.

Though this action does not result in any downtime because your emails will be going either to your old system or Google Workspace for sometime, and once email routing changes (MX Records) are reflected on all your DNS servers.

Then all the emails will start coming to your Google Workspace mailboxes.


Full Migration

Do you remember we did not migrate recent 30 days of emails? Now its the time to do that, also, we will be migrating all your calendar events and contacts now.

Based on our experience doing 100s of migrations, this phase does not take more 1 to 2 hours as we migrate only the delta in it.


Your Review

Remember the Google sheet we shared with you (step 3;), this sheet also acts as your migration tracker (yeah, you would not need to ask “hey, how much data is migrated”), and we will keep updating this sheet with data migration progress every few hours.

Now, we will send you a formal email informing you that the data migration has been completed, and you are free to review it.

Usually, there are no issues as we do Google Workspace data migration for multiple customers every week, but just in case if there are any issues, rest assured, we are here to fix them.

No Business Interruption

Do You Want To Migrate To Google Workspace Without Interrupting Your Business?


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