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Migrate seamlessly from any email system to Google Workspace within just a weekend, explore our zero downtime guaranteed migration services below for more details.

Perfect Migration from Rackspace to Google Workspace
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Migrate seamlessly from Godaddy to Google Workspace
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Migrate from Office 365 to Google Workspace without a glitch
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Migrate from Google Workspace to Google Workspace with your data
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Seamless migration from @Gmail.com to Google Workspace
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What our customers say

Thousands of our emails were migrated without a glitch from Rackspace to Google Workspace, It was a peace of mind to work with Googally

Terry Prince

I loved the part that I never had to email them to ask for migration progress as they gave me access to a based project tracker to keep track of migration progress.

Apryl Jebens

Googally was not only very technically knowledgeable and capable, but our was very communicative and reassuring throughout the process. You would be in great hands when utilizing Googally for their Google Workspace migrations.

Brett Cherry
white glove migration

Tested, Proven & Transparent Migration Process

Our migration process is carefully designed by Google Workspace certified professionals which helps us with predictable outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about moving to Google Workspace

How do you migrate in just a weekend?

We use premium migration utilities to migrate your data which means migrating at blazing fast speed.

For users with mailbox size of 5 GB or less, we usually migrate them fully within a weekend, so they see all data in their Google Workspace mailbox when they login on Monday morning.

For your email superman users with mailbox size of more than 5 GB, our smart migration utility migrates data from latest to oldest.

So when they login to their Google Workspace mailbox on Monday morning, they will have at least last couple of years of recent emails, rest of their emails will keep on migrating behind the scenes, so you are kinda all set (unless you are really lagging behind and want to reply to that 6 year old email:).

You can learn more about our detailed migration progress here : Google Workspace Migration Process

Will we lose emails during migration?

Thats not why you hired us, right?

Well, obviously there are some limitations where Gmail will reject to accept emails, think of cases where someone is trying to migrate an email with virus, or an email with an attachment larger than 50 MB (Gmail’s limit is 50 MB).

But other than these fair reasons, all your emails would go right into your Gmail just like cream cheese in a plain (toasted) bagel.

You can learn more about our detailed migration progress here : Google Workspace Migration Process

How will we track migration process?

Communication is the key, you do not like to follow up, we get it, and we are on your side for it.

You will get access to our online project management tool where you would see all the project tasks along with their status listed, our team will keep updating it every few hours.

You don't need to spend time calling or emailing us, simply open the project link (from any device) to see the migration progress.

You can learn more about our detailed migration progress here : Google Workspace Migration Process

Is this really a white glove migration?

It certainly is, only catch is that we do not send you the actual white gloves, head over to Home Depot for it, just kidding ;).

Once you start working with us, we will ask for some information to kick start your Google Workspace migration project (e.g DNS, admin credentials your business logo etc), and that is it, sit back, relax and we'll do every damn thing required to seamlessly transition you to Google Workspace.

Information we'll need from you really depends on your current email system, but don't worry, we have everything listed so you can easily provide us the required information, you can see an example checklist here Rackspace to Google Workspace Migration System Requirements

What if we have more questions?

You aren't alone, smart people do have questions (a lot of em), so do two things for now :

1. Pat yourself on the back.

2. Fill up the form below with all of your questions, doesn't matter if you end up hiring us or not, but rest assured we'll answer your questions in details (all of them).

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