An Idea Struck, And Googally Was Born

Specializing in 'All in One' Google Workspace Migration - Your seamless transition to the future of business is our mission.

Who are we?

Sometimes we all take path we never thought of and end up being grateful for it.

Hello There,

We are Googally, a small business highly focused on helping small businesses migrate to Google Workspace.

We truly believe that about us section of our website should not be written to impress the visitors like you, rather it should present our trueself.

My name is Anjali Kumari, and I started Googally after couple of failure equations, I was no different, I started my journey as a Google Workspace user (we used to call it Gmail for business that time), loved it, and then decided to learn more about it (never thought we’ll be running our business some day based on it).

It was not easy to learn but it was not that difficult either based on my computer engineering technical background, when I started my first (web development) business, we decided to use Google Workspace for email and collaboration.

It was very easy to learn, simple to use, and we were amazed to see the security and control options provided, especially with its reasonable pricing tag for small businesses.

But that time, we were just using it to run our newly born web design business. I thought running a web design business would be a piece of cake, all we need to do is find some clients, create some good websites for them, and that is it, but wrong, very wrong, we focused on the operational side of the business, how to deliver etc, but I failed on how to design our customers’ experience with us.

I learnt a lot, but unfortunately with my own mistakes, unwillingly, I had to shut it down, but I think entrepreneurship is this thing, once you get into it, you can’t get out even if you fail a few times. It stuck with me and I failed at another attempt too, this time, it was a SEO franchise.

And then one day, I was in one of the community forums somewhere and saw a question from a forum member about "how to migrate from Rackspace to Google Workspace", and Googally was born (at least in my head).

I already had good experience as a Google Workspace user and an administrator, and couple of flopped businesses taught me some good lessones too about running a small business, So I went back, did my research, studied more about it, and went all in for it, but this time, with lots of learnings from my couple of flop shows:).

This time, on top of my strong experience in delivering on technology projects, I decided to focus on creating a great customer experience thinking about each step a customer would take with us during the journey of switching from some system to Google Workspace.

A friend recommended me this golden book (I really owe him) named “E-Myth 2.0 revisited”, It changed the way I used to think about business.

I loved it very much and implemented our systems and processes from day one to craft an amazing (and predictable) experience which you would have realized if you are an existing customer (or you would soon if you a new customer).

You can refer to an example experience here : Google Workspace Migration Process

It was hard to get our first few customers as narrowed our focus, it took us sometime, but it was well worth, customers loved our proactive communication, detailed information, quick and zero downtime project delivery.

Our repeat and word of mouth channels kept growing, and this time it worked out well, "I" became "You & I", and then very soon, we became a "Team Googally".

We productized our white glove service, and now we know that if we perform the steps listed as per our process, the outcome is predictable.

We ourselves hated the approach where we need to talk to someone, give bunch of information just to an idea about how much this thing will cost us, and decided to keep away from such practice.

Our systems & processes helped us come up with a fix cost, so customers like you would have no surprises and can easily decide if we are a good fit, and the best part, we publish our fix (per user migration) pricing on our website, no more asking a ridiculous question “Hey, What’s your budget”.

What do we do?

It always sounds lucrative to do bunch of things reasonably well, but we learnt it hard way to narrow down our focus and stick with the one that we are passionate about and do it extremely well, you get it, it is Google Workspace.

  • Google Workspace Setup : Google Workspace Setup (include services like setting up Google Workspace, Google Vault, DNS changes etc following Google’s best practices)
  • Google Workspace Data Migration : Google Workspace Data Migration (include migrating data such as email, calendar, contacts, files etc from different data sources like Rackspace, Godaddy, Office 365, Dropbox etc to Google Workspace).
  • Google Workspace Security Assessment : Google Workspace Security Assessment (this is our new offering, some small businesses think they do not need security, some agree with us and understand that it is must to safeguard their valuable data).
  • Google Workspace Automation : Google Workspace Scripts and Add-ons developments (include developing scripts and add-ons to automate various use cases based on customer’s business needs, e.g creating a proposal generator which creates a customer proposal with couple of clicks (no more copy/pasting).
  • Google Workspace Ecosystem : Products which work well with Google Workspace (include recommending products which we have tested and use for own business, these products work well with Google Workspace such as CRM, email marketing, project management, signature manager etc).

Vision, Mission & Values

When we started our small business, we used to think they are just buzzwords and big companies use them just to show they are big.

As we started running our business, we learnt they are not just buzzwords. If we take the time to craft them carefully, they become something we can look up from time to time to measure if we are still going in the right direction.

They also do not need to be fancy, or a long form essays we hated to write in our college days.‍

  • Honesty : It may sound very simple, but it works very well. We tell our customers everything they need to know about migrating to Google Workspace to setup the right expectations, and our customers are very appreciative of it.
  • Proactive Communication : We realized it by ourselves, communicating timely and setting the right expectation is the key to successful business, we take it to heart, whether its weekday or weekend thats our problem, our customers should get timely responses.
  • Deliver on Promises : Our customers count on us to keep the promises we make, whether it is Zero downtime migration, no surprises in pricing or seamless project delivery, Deliver on them, each time, period.
  • Help Only The Ones We Can : If we can’t do something (e.g something out of scope of Google Workspace migration), better say No.