Gmail to Google Workspace Migration in a Weekend

Be a brand, migrate from @gmail to your own domain with Google Workspace, everything included in our all in our migration plan.

Our Migration Journey

I highly recommend using Googally for painless migrations, the time and money saved are worth 100 times what we paid. The entire process was done from my phone while I was traveling with my family on vacation. it couldn't have been any easier.

Christophe Suchy | CEO  | Caspertech | Addison TX

Migration Methodology

Organized Migration Process

Your data will be migrated Blazing Fast as we run migration on Google Cloud high performance virtual machines.

No downtime, you get piece of mind, just relax and watch us migrate you smoothly to Google Workspace this weekend.

White Glove Migration
Proven & Transparent
Track Migration Process
Migration Process
Target Percent
All Inclusive pricing

No Confusion, No Surprises, Fix Price

White Glove Migration
White Glove Premium Migration
Migrate This Weekend


Per User Migration

Recommended Plan for less than 50 users migration


Per User Migration

Recommended Plan for more than 50 users migration (minimum required order $1,990)

50 Years of Data Migration
Google Workspace + Devices Setup
Weekend Migration + Post Migration Support
Zero Downtime Guaranteed
Email & Chat Support
Discovery Call for Migration Planning
Phone Support
Application Integration Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently asked questions about Gmail to Google Workspace Migration

What do you mean by piece of mind migration?

That’s a great question.

We don’t want you to juggling around systems, or answering 100 odd questions to migrate from Gmail to Google Workspace.

All we ask for is to provide some information and that's it.

Seriously, that's it.

We do every damn required thing to migrate you from Gmail to Google Workspace without a glitch.

Though we can’t pay for your trip, but feel free to make a trip to Hawaii after providing us required information.

You don’t need to worry about what's happening with your migration, it is all taken care by Google Workspace experts.

How do you migrate in just a weekend?

We use premium migration utilities to migrate your data which means migrating at blazing fast speed.

For users with mailbox size of less than 5 GB, we usually migrate them fully within a weekend, so they see all data in their Google Workspace mailbox when they login on Monday morning.

For your email superman users with mailbox size of more than 5 GB, our smart migration utility migrates data from latest to oldest. So when they login to their Google Workspace mailbox on Monday morning, they will have at least last couple of years of email.

Rest of their emails will keep on migrating behind the scenes, so you are kinda all set (unless you are really lagging behind and want to reply to that 6 year old email:).

Can't we do this by our own?

Nothing is impossible.

If you are determined you can even go to the moon, so instead of asking “Can’t we do it by ourselves?” you should rather be asking “Should we do it ourselves”?

If you want to do it yourself, you can but you will need to put in a few days (or weeks) to learn the in and outs of Google Workspace migration, and have some patience to hit and try things.

So unless you are a student and want to learn things by investing a few days or weeks, it will make better business sense to hire us.

We do Google Workspace migrations every day as we make our living with it. Our years of learning and experience can help you migrate smoothly to Google Workspace within a weekend. This will definitely save you substantial time, energy, money, and of course remove risk of losing your valuable data.

How are you different than your competitors?

Thats a great question.

We are different than other Google Cloud partners in two things.

Pricing and Process

Pricing – Most of our customers who come to us after getting Google Workspace migration quotes from our competitors say that our pricing is very reasonable. You will find our pricing almost 50% cheaper than of our competitors in most of the cases.

Process – Now you might be asking how is their our pricing so reasonable, how can they do it in almost 1/2 of their competitors pricing.

The answer is “Our Proven, Established, and Automated” migration process which makes it a win win. You can learn more about our migration process here.

How will I track migration process?

We use a cloud based project management tool for managing our business, once we start the project, you will get a project tracker link where you can see all the project tasks along with their progress.

You would also have the flexibility to ask us questions (if any) right in the project management tool.

How do I get started?

Hmm, now we are talking!

Lets do it apple style.

This is the most easiest thing we ever created where we redefined the definition of simplicity.If you want to migrate to Google Workspace without a glitch, contact us below and we will provide you all information.

Migrate This Weekend

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Customer Success Story

I highly recommend using Googally for painless migrations, the time and money saved are worth 100 times what we paid.

The entire process was done from my phone while I was traveling with my family on vacation: it couldn't have been any easier.

Christophe Suchy | CEO  | Caspertech | Addison TX

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