Office 365 to Google Workspace Migration Process

Our worry-free migration process – nothing left behind, no obstruction to your ongoing work. Explained here.

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1. Migration Inputs

To initiate our Office 365 to Google Workspace migration process we will need some information such as which Office 365 plan you use and where you host your DNS.

This will help us kickstart your migration in the right direction. You can know more about what all the information we need from you.

2. Advance Payment

We will need 50% advance payment from you to get started.

This allows us to assign our migration resources and cutting-edge tools to transfer your data.

Since we use Stripe to accept payments, you can use all major credit cards to pay for our service.

3. Project Organization

We use cloud based project management tool to track your migration progress. We will share the project tracker with you.

As your Office 365 to Google Workspace migration progresses, our team will update the tracker every couple of hours.

You can check the project tracker url whenever you feel like to see how far we have gone.

4. Google Workspace Setup

We will completely set up your Google Workspace account according to Google’s recommendations.

We will verify your domain, create the SPF record, setup DKIM, create users (corresponding email ids), aliases, groups and calendars.

Of course, Google provides the best email security in the world and the same will be configured for your account.

5. Migration Setup

This is when the ground is prepared for the magic to happen.

Appropriate connections between your Office 365 account and the newly-set up Google Workspace account are established, and issues (if any) are identified and fixed.

We are ready to programmatically extract all your information from the Office 365 email servers and migrate it to your Google Workspace.

6. Base Migration

To make sure that every bit of information is transferred without breaking your email threads, and there is no downtime, we migrate in two phases:

(1) Base Migration
(2) Delta Migration

If we just sequentially migrate your emails and you reorganize your folders or emails during the migration, our migration utility (or any other in the market) will not catch it.

Hence, we first start migrating your emails from 01-01-1990 till the 30 days older emails (from today) in the Base migration phase.

This happens while you go on using your emails in Office 365.

7. Final Payment

With almost 75% of your Office 365 assets migrated over to Google Workspace, we request you to make the final 50% payment.

8. Email Routing

Email routing means that now instead of going to your old Office 365 servers, all your email communications should happen on the new Google Workspace servers.

This happens over the weekend when you usually have very light email flow.

We will change your DNS  to route your emails to Google Workspace and as soon as the new DNS changes are propagated, your email starts arriving in your Google Workspace inbox.

9. Delta Migration

The final bye-bye to your Office 365 setup. Remember in the Base migration phase we transfer all the emails from 01-01-1992 to 30 days before the current day?

In the Delta migration phase, we transfer the remaining emails, calendars and contacts from the last 30 days.

So, whatever activities you have carried out while we were working on the Base migration, will be transferred now to the Google Workspace.

10. Your Review

You will get an email notification from us informing you that your data migration from Office 365 to Google Workspace is complete and now you can log into your Google Workspace account to confirm that everything is there.

There shouldn’t be any problem but hey, life sometimes throws surprises, doesn’t it?

In case there is an issue, we will immediately take care of it.Remember that your job is in expert hands.

There is (almost) no Google Workspace problem we cannot solve.

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The entire process was done from my phone while I was traveling with my family on vacation: it couldn't have been any easier.

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Frequently asked questions about migrating from Office 365 to Google Workspace

What do you mean by piece of mind migration?

Here at Googally we staunchly believe that migration from Office 365 to Google Workspace shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience.

We understand that transferring hundreds of thousands of emails, multiple email accounts, thousands of contacts and intricate calendar entries may seem like a nightmarish adventure to take on, but when it is done by the experts, it is not like that.

It’s a breeze.Just give us the information that we need (all this information), and that’s it, seriously.

After that, we take care of everything, and everything means everything – all your migration, and the handling of glitches in case they occur.

You can literally go on a weekend holiday without giving a second thought to what we are doing. Hence, the expression “peace of mind” migration.

Can you really migrate from Office 365 to Google Workspace within in a Weekend?

We have some premium-quality migration tools that help us migrate your data from Office 365 to Google Workspace very fast.

We tailor our migration process according to the size of the data that you have in your current Office 365 setup.

If your users have mailbox sizes less than 5 GB, we can do the job in a single weekend. When you log in on Monday, everything is right there, but instead of Office 365, you are using Google Workspace.

Mailboxes that are more than 5 GB, may require extra time and a different strategy.

Well, whatever is the size of your mailbox (and those of your employees) our approach is migrating from the most recent to the oldest and during the weekend, we can transfer at least two years of emails, calendar entries and contacts.

After migrating two years of data we begin to route all your ongoing email conversations to your Google Workspace servers so that from Monday onwards, you can start your work.

Then, while you’re doing your work, we go on transferring the remaining data that you have in your Office 365 setup.

Can't we migrate from Office 365 to Google Workspace by our own?

Sure, why not?

But is it worth the risk?

Just imagine. You have multiple employees accounts in Office 365 and these employees may have accumulated thousands of emails over all these years.

Then, you may have contacts that you don’t want to lose. There are calendar entries you don’t want to go haywire.

Most importantly, you don’t want to interrupt your business. Remember that even one email thread lost can cause your business irreparable damage.

If the ability to go on doing your business uninterrupted isn’t a big issue, if losing and saving those thousands of emails in their proper order isn’t a big issue, if losing a few hundred contacts and calendar entries here and a few there, wouldn’t be a big deal, then sure, go ahead.

We assume you have got lots of time for trial and error.

Office 365 is your server. Google Workspace is going to be your server.

Who is there to stop you?

We have exactly the tools that seamlessly migrates all your data, intact, in proper order, from your Office 365 setup to Google Workspace setup. We can transfer two years of email (including attachments and multiple threads), contacts and calendar entries in a matter of a weekend.

This is one thing.

Our time-tested methodology makes sure that there is no downtime.

We migrate your email threads in such a manner that there is no discontinuity.

We also provide post-migration support for two weeks so in case there are some hiccups or unforeseen developments, we can immediately provide you the needed help.

When you migrate through us, you will be simply logging into your Google Workspace account after the weekend.

How will I track my Office 365 to Google Workspace migration progress?

We have a customized cloud based project management tool that we will share with you.

We will update the information every couple of hours and you can keep track of all the migration tasks taking shape right in front of you.

This will also include visual charts for quick status check.

Cool, How do we get started?

Congratulations for taking the right decision!Starting is as easy as contacting us.

Just fill up our contact form below and we will get back to you and set the ball rolling immediately.