Delegate Godaddy DNS access to Googally

Googally needs to make a few DNS changes in your DNS panel to make Google Workspace work for you. These changes includes : 

  • TXT Record Creation : This is created to verify your domain’s ownership to Google.
  • MX Records Creation : These records are created to route your domain’s email to Google Workspace.
  • SPF Record Creation : This record is created to authorize Google email servers’ to send emails on behalf of your domain. 
  • DKIM Record Creation : This record is created to authenticate your emails to recipients.

You can choose any of these options below for these DNS changes : 

  1. Do it yourself (if you don’t feel comfortable sharing DNS credentials, we can send you instructions on how to do these changes yourself).
  2. Share your DNS Credentials with us, and we’ll make all necessary changes for you.

If you use Godaddy for DNS, you can use the following guide to provide us delegated access to your domain in Godaddy, this will limit the scope of our access to the domain we are migrating to Google Workspace for you.

Instructions to set up Googally’s delegated access to Godaddy domain.

Login to your Godaddy account and click on Account Settings

Click on Delegate Access

From People who can access my account, click on Invite to Access

Enter details for the invite as following:

  • Enter Googally as Name
  • Enter as Email
  • Click on Domains Only
  • Select the domains to delegate if you have more than one
  • Click on Invite button

Godaddy will show Googally’s access level as Pending.

Googally’s DNS team will receive an email with an action item to Accept Access.

Once our team accepts the delegate access invite, Godaddy will notify you about it.

To delete Googally’s delegate access in Godaddy, go back to your Account settings → Delegated Access → People who can access my account → Click on edit in front of Googally’s access level.

Click on Delete link

Click on continue button to confirm deletion of Googally’s delegated access.

You will now see Googally’s access removed.

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