Godaddy Office 365 vs Google Workspace

For business owners, choosing a platform can be hard. Especially for newer, smaller businesses who are looking to have room to grow, it’s important that you choose a place that will allow you to expand without interrupting your business. Otherwise, you’ll fall into disorganization, which is off-putting to both potential customers and potential employees.

Google Workspace is a better platform than Office 365, and certainly better than Godaddy’s resale package. While Godaddy offers a cheaper price up front, it limits the user’s capabilities and traps them into a long-term contract. Google Workspace offers more for users at an overall lesser cost. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about why Godaddy Office 365 might not be the best choice. In addition, you’ll find more information about Google Workspace and how to make the switch if you’d like to. Keep reading to learn more!

Should I Buy Office 365 Through Godaddy?

When shopping for Office 365, you’ll find that Godaddy offers a package. While it seems enticing, given that it has a lower price tag than making the purchase directly from Microsoft, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. 

Godaddy Office 365 limits user capabilities. Expansion using Godaddy’s package is difficult, as there is no flexibility of plans. Also, Godaddy Office 365 bills users monthly, but traps them into an annual subscription. This leaves users no recourse if they decide it’s not right for them.

Limited Tools 

Godaddy Office 365 leaves its users without administrative capabilities and instead leaves them with only the most basic parts of the service. This means that, under Godaddy’s plans, you cannot:

  • Upgrade your workspace 
  • Download add-ons from Microsoft

Many users also report that they have issues with features like the admin control panel and two factor authentication, which is just a downright security risk. 

Another issue is the ability to migrate from Godaddy Office 365 to the standard Microsoft ecosystem. It is a complicated process that many people don’t want to attempt doing on their own, especially since Godaddy’s customer support is a bit lackluster and could leave users without answers for several days. Which, when you’re a business, could be detrimental.

No Range of Plans

Godaddy Office 365 offers several plans to users when you’re making your purchase. However, once the purchase has been made, you can’t change or upgrade your plan at all. This is due to the lack of administrative rights mentioned above.

While you may not think you need to have the option to upgrade your workspace plan, you should always give yourself the option. Your business could expand unexpectedly, or you might just see features on another plan that you’d prefer to have as time goes on. 

The Cheaper Price is Misleading 

When you go to purchase an Office 365 plan from Godaddy, you’ll find that the prices are definitely cheaper at first glance. 

However, you need to remember that this is a promotional offer that only lasts for the first year you use the services. After that, it renews at the standard price. It’s the same as buying a Hulu subscription for $2/month for the first year and then getting charged the normal price once that ends. While it’s better at the moment, you won’t save much money long-term. 

Additionally, as we’ve discussed, the services are limited. So even though you’re paying less, you’re also getting less. For just a few dollars more up front, you could get an actual Microsoft Office 365 plan and have more freedom. 

Should I Invest in Office 365 at All?

Microsoft Office 365 is the go-to platform for many businesses because it’s so well-known. For a long time, Office 365 was the best workspace on the market for businesses. However, with modern day advances in technology, it seems like Microsoft Office 365 may be a thing of the part.  

Microsoft Office was not designed for the Cloud. However, today, the Cloud basically rules our lives. And while the company has adapted to this new way of life, there have been issues. In comparison to Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 is:

  • Slower
  • Less user friendly
  • Less mobile friendly

If any of these things are important to you, you might want to consider Google Workspace instead.

Why Should I Choose Google Workspace?

Google Workspace was designed specifically for cloud-computing. The Cloud became a thing in the late 1990s, with Google Workspace launching in 2006. At the time, it was called “Google for Your Domain,” and it has been rebranded a few times since into the modern-day Google Workspace.

Google Workspace provides an easy user experience. The apps are all easy to navigate, and it is easy to communicate with your team directly through the service using Google Hangouts. All of the apps in Google Workspace are downloadable both on desktop and mobile. 

Portability is vital for businesses. When you’re taking a vacation and an emergency arises, Google Workspace allows you to handle it directly from your phone or tablet, so you won’t have to lug around your laptop. 

How Can I Switch Over?

Luckily, if you purchased Office 365 from Godaddy or Microsoft and don’t want to continue using it, making the switch is easy as can be. Though you can technically do it yourself, that is not advisable. Something could go wrong, and it would be better to let a professional do it. 

A Godaddy Office 365 to Google Workspace migration service by Googally is the perfect tool for making the switch. 

A professional team will work on your migration while you sit back and do nothing! The process is short and sweet, and the service also provides customer support and tours of the migration processes. 

For business owners who are nervous about migration and want to know exactly how it will go, these are incredible features to have. 

Googally also offers a promo code to users who are looking to migrate. This code will save you 12% on your first year of a Google Workspace subscription.


Google Workspace is much better than Office 365, and it especially outshines Godaddy Office 365. Opting for a Godaddy Office 365 subscription will cost you time and money in the long run. 

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