How Do I Save Money on Google Workspace?

You regularly use Google Workspace to help run your business, but it’s expensive and you need to figure out how to save some money. How can you reduce the cost of Google Workspace while retaining the service you require to successfully run your business?

Businesses can save money on Google Workspace by switching to free Google Group accounts, removing ex-employee email accounts, or purchasing plans via a Google Partner. These are quick ways to streamline your account to reduce costs and terminate services you’re paying for but not using.      

So, what else can businesses do to ensure they’re reducing their costs as much as possible on Google Workspace? Let’s take a deeper dive into some cost-saving ideas to ensure your business is truly benefitting from a Google Workspace subscription, rather than wasting hard-earned money on it.

How Do I Reduce Google Workspace Cost?

Fortunately, there are several ways you can reduce the cost you’re paying for your Google Workspace account. Here are some important steps you can check to see if you could be saving yourself some money each month.

Check if You Qualify for a Free Google Workspace Plan

Firstly, you should check whether you’re eligible for a Google Workspace Free Plan. That’s right, Google Workspace offers a subscription that is completely free, providing that you meet one of the following criteria:

·  Your business is an educational institute – in this case, your business would qualify for a ‘Google Workspace for Education’ membership which offers an unlimited number of users for free. Full criteria can be found on this plan here.

·  Your business is a non-profit organization with 501 3C Status. This plan is free for up to 3,000 users, and if you require more users than this, you’ll receive a discount of up to 66%. Full criteria on Google Workspace for Non-Profits can be found here.

So, if you run an educational institute or a non-profit organization you may have found the ultimate way of reducing your Google Workspace costs! If you don’t qualify under one of these business types, don’t despair. We still have plenty of ways for you to save money on Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Promo Codes

The next step is to check if you could benefit from a Google Workspace promo code. Google provides promotion code to attract new businesses sign up for Google Workspace, this promotion program generally offers 10% discount for. the first year, however we ( are Google's affiliate partner and exclusive offer 12% discount promotion codes.

You can generally obtain promo codes from Google affiliate partners like Googally, so if you are a new Google Workspace customer and want to save flat 12% discount on your first 12 monthly invoices, you can grab your Google Workspace promo code from us here

Clean Up Old Accounts

This tip sounds obvious, but many companies don’t properly clean up their email accounts when employees leave the business. There could be old email addresses still up and running that you’re paying for each month!

To clean up your email list, export the user account information from the Google Workspace admin console and determine which accounts are no longer in use.

You may wish to archive any data from old email accounts using Google Takeout before deleting them, just in case there’s valuable information that you may need later.

Change Generic Emails to Free Groups

Here’s a great little secret for saving money on Google Workspace – you can change some of your generic emails (info@domainname, sales@domainname, etc.) to free Google Groups or Aliases!

Groups/aliases provide functionality whereby multiple users can receive emails from the same email address – for example your whole sales team could be added to a group called ‘Sales’ and receive emails sent to the sales@domainname email.

You can learn more about users, groups and aliases, and when to use them to save money on your Google Workspace licensing in our detailed article below :

User Vs Alias vs Group - How to choose smartly

This will save paying individual license fees for your generic email addresses, and everyone will still have access to the emails they need. Handy right?

Subscribe to Google Workspace Through a Google Partner/Reseller

If you’re purchasing your Google Workspace plan directly from Google, there’s a much cheaper way for you to do this.

Google Partners get cheaper rates on Google Workspace plans, as they work directly with Google and have been confirmed as qualified resellers. They will not only save you money on your Google Workspace plan – these companies are also experienced in making sure you’re choosing the correct plan for your business.

It’s easy for businesses to waste money on Google Workspace if they’re uninformed about the different features they need. Many companies end up paying for more services than they’d use; Google Partners/resellers can help streamline this for you and most importantly save you money on your Google Workspace bill. They will also be able to provide you with support should you need it with your Google Workspace account.

Upgrade Your Google Workspace Plan (Particularly if There’s a Special Offer)

Rather than choosing the cheapest plan for Google Workspace as many companies do, it’s surprisingly worth upgrading your license with a special offer as it could significantly save your business money in the long run.

For example, the Starter plan for Google Workspace only comes with 30GB of storage for emails, which is often not enough for even small businesses. Companies on this plan would then need to increase their storage, which tends to be very expensive.

The Google Workspace Business and Enterprise plans provide users with terabytes/unlimited storage, plus you’ll gain access to other money-saving benefits including the following:

-- Google Meet

-- Google Vault

-- Shared Drives

So, while it may seem counterintuitive to choose the more expensive Google Workspace plan, this could in truth save you money in the long run – particularly if Google is running a special offer on Business/Enterprise plans at the time.

Google Meet, Google Vault and Shared Drives are also excellent tools that could save you money on video conference software, data storage facilities and security services.


To summarize, businesses can significantly save money on their Google Workspace plans in just a few simple ways. These include streamlining the number of Google user accounts they’re paying for, such as deleting old employee accounts, condensing general accounts into free email groups, and potentially upgrading their plans to an Enterprise or Business subscription to save future expenses on additional storage/security.

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