Google Workspace Vs Godaddy – Choose Wisely

So, you have decided to pack your bags and move somewhere else from GoDaddy webmail, right?

I mean, that’s why you’re reading this comparison between GoDaddy webmail and Google Workspace, unless of course, you read such comparisons just to have some quality time (I’m totally fine with that).

Quick disclaimer: We provide GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration service and we are certified Google Cloud partner providers. So, anything we say in favour of Google Workspace, we mean it.

With conscience cleared by a gentle stroke of the disclaimer, let’s see what is there in GoDaddy webmail, what is there in Google Workspace and why, in case you are planning to migrate, Google Workspace would be the best choice for you.

A brief GoDaddy background

GoDaddy, as you may know, began its journey as a domain registrar – if you needed a domain, you would go to GoDaddy and get the domain registered.

Back in those days, GoDaddy was known less for the nature of its business and more for the controversial Super Bowl ads that it routinely released.

Before GoDaddy, registering a domain name used to be an expensive exercise. If you wanted to register a domain name, you would spend anywhere between $35-$45 per year. Even more.

GoDaddy brought the prices so low that people literally started registering domains as a hobby. You can call GoDaddy the Walmart of domains.

With millions of domains registered, GoDaddy also started providing web hosting services.

This was a natural transition. After registering a domain name, obviously you’re going to use it as a website or a blog and for that, you’re going to need a web hosting service. If you aren’t already registered with any other web hosting provider, you might as well register a domain name and subscribe for a web hosting package at the same time, from the same service.


The first avatar of Google Workspace was Google Apps.

Aside from the usual Gmail as your business email interface, Google Apps had an assortment of apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Tasks, Google Keep, Google Drive and other apps you could use to manage your business.

Most of these features could be used by simply having a Google account (they’re still available for Gmail users).

The only difference between the free Google account and Google Apps was that with Google Apps you could also use a business email ID instead of something like, with more Google Drive space.

Initially Google Apps was offered free of cost and once Google had built a user base, the company started charging per account.

Within a few years Google Apps became one of the primary alternatives to Microsoft Office and perhaps that was the reason that it came to be known as Google Workspace, as a direct competitor to Office Suite.

Main features of GoDaddy webmail

Email is normally, an integral part of the usual web hosting package.

Whether you use the email service or not, every web hosting company offers you some sort of email facility, and the same is true with GoDaddy.

For email, GoDaddy primarily has two options:

  1. GoDaddy Webmail
  2. Office 365 Email

GoDaddy webmail is GoDaddy’s in-house email service. It further has two options:

  • Startup: $4.99 per user per month
  • Team: $5.99 per user per month

Note: The monthly fee may be subject to the kind of annual or multi-year advance that you pay. So, the minimum price that you see assumes that you will be paying a year’s fee in advance.

In both the options, you can use your domain (if it is already registered, otherwise, you pay extra for domain registration).

In the Startup option you get 10 GB of email storage and in the Team option, you get 25 GB of email storage.

Both the options have mobile-friendly webmail and you also have options for maintaining calendar, contacts and tasks. For IMAP, you must pay extra.

Office 365 Email through GoDaddy, to be frank, is an expensive affair even if you directly compare it with Office 365 from Microsoft instead of Google Workspace.

For Office 365 email, GoDaddy has the following options:

  • Email Essentials: $3.66 per user per month and then $4.99 per user per month when you renew
  • Email Plus: $4.92 per user per month and then $5.99 per user per month when you renew
  • Online Essentials: $8.66 per user per month and then $9.99 per user per month when you renew
  • Business Premium: $12.32 per user per month and then $14.99 per user per month when you renew

Note: The monthly fee may be subject to the kind of annual or multi-year advance that you pay.

The sheer number of plans and options is mind-boggling and unless you spend a few days going through various details, you end up overpaying or getting less than what you need.

Anyway, as mentioned above, if you want to take the Office 365 route, then it is better to get Office 365 from Microsoft itself rather than through GoDaddy and paying much, much more.

The only reason why you would opt for Office 365 email through GoDaddy is the support that they provide, which will be missing if you directly get it from Microsoft.

The usual Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note become available to you only in the Business Premium option. They are NOT available for lesser plans, so you must keep that in mind while deciding which plan you opt for.

Also, the cloud storage through One Drive is also just 5 GB or 50 GB in the Non-Business-Premium plans.


Google Workspace is known for its minimalism whether it comes to using the Gmail interface or the various apps that come with Google Workspace.

The same minimalism also manifests in its plan offerings.

It has just three plans (for small businesses / less than 300 users):

  1. Google Workspace Business Starter : $6 per user per month
  2. Google Workspace Business Standard : $12 per user per month
  3. Google Workspace Business Plus : $25 per user per month

Yes, just 3 variations, and no hidden costs. There is no caveat.

Even for a Basic plan, you get everything a small business needs to seamlessly run a business.

You get an email ID under your domain name – for Gmail interface or beautifully designed Gmail mobile app.

You get 30 GB of cloud space. This you can use with Google Drive or with your email.

You get all the office apps including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Keep, Google Hangouts (for chatting and video calling), Google Chat, Google Sites and a litany of other apps, no matter what Google Workspace plan you’re using.

Some things that vary according to the money you are spending:

For Business and Enterprise plans, you get 1 TB per user for fewer than 5 users in the account, otherwise unlimited cloud storage for all users-:

  • Low-code app development environment both for Business and Enterprise plans.
  • Advanced email search and archiving for both Business and Enterprise plans.
  • eDiscovery for emails, chats and files in the Enterprise plan.
  • Secured team messaging for all plans.
  • Shared calendars for all plans.
  • Video and voice conferencing for all plans.


Why it makes sense to migrate to Google Workspace from GoDaddy webmail?

GoDaddy webmail is just email, just basic email, and a lot more expensive in terms of the sheer number of features you don’t get to use, or for which, you may have to pay individually, in case you want to use them.

Google Workspace on the other hand is a complete Office suite with email, and costs less.

By just paying a little more than what you pay to GoDaddy per user, per month (and that too, subject to different conditions) to Google Workspace, you suddenly have access to the entire IT infrastructure that will otherwise be very expensive.

In terms of cost, $4.99 per user per month (subject to the yearly plan you opt for) GoDaddy webmail gives you-:

  • Email under your own domain name.
  • Antiquated webmail interface.
  • Extra cost for IMAP.
  • No advanced spam protection.
  • Basic contact management and calendar management facilities.
  • 10 GB email space with no option for storing files independently.

That’s it.

In terms of cost, $6 per user per month (no less or more according to how much you pay) Google Workspace gives you

  • Email under your own domain name.
  • The world-renowned Gmail interface even for your business email.
  • POP 3 and IMAP support.
  • Awesome mobile apps.
  • 30 GB of cloud storage space.
  • Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive and every other Office Suite app.
  • Real-time online collaboration.
  • Videoconferencing and free calling to landline and mobile numbers (at least within US and Canada).
  • Advanced email search and archiving.
  • Most advanced and portable calendar app.
  • Google Keep for taking and maintaining notes.

I think it’s a very easy choice, if you agree and want to migrate from Godaddy to Google Workspace within this weekend, check out our dedicated service here GoDaddy to Google Workspace migration service

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