Rackspace to Google Workspace Migration System Requirements

Let us tell you what information we need to migrate you from Rackspace to Google Workspace smoothly.


Rackspace to Google Workspace Migration System Requirements


Google Workspace Super Admin Credentials (Required)

We would need your Google Workspace Super Administrator email id and password to login and make required changes so Google can ingest the emails from Rackspace to your Google Workspace users mailboxes.

You can either provide your existing Google Workspace Super Administrator credentials, or create a new mailbox and assign it super administrator rights.

If you have not created Google Workspace yet, don’t worry about it. We will create it for your and use the admin account for migration.


Advance Payment (Required)

We use premium migration utility and expert resources for your Rackspace to Google Workspace migration, hence we require project advance fee to allocate our resources to your migration project.

Our digital invoicing system (Stripe) provides convenience to use any credit card to make payment instantly.


Your DNS Credentials (Optional)

You should also provide us access to your DNS, its the place where your domain name servers are hosted (e.g Godaddy), we will need to make certain changes in your DNS.

We follow a proven Rackspace to Google Workspace Migration process but please let us know If you are not comfortable sharing your DNS credentials.

We can also send the required DNS changes for you to make. You should be available on weekend for couple of hours if you prefer to do this yourself.


Your Business Logo (Optional)

We can personalize your users Google Workspace mailboxes with your logo instead of Google’s default one. This logo appears at the top of your users’ services window, after they sign in to their account.

Please provide us the logo with following format, size and dimensions :
-- PNG or GIF format
-- Maximum file size: 30KB
-- Maximum dimensions: 320 x 132 pixels

Important: Images with smaller dimensions will scale. But for the logo to upload, you must use the same aspect ratio.


Rackspace Credentials (Required)

Rackspace offers following 3 different email plans whereas migration is performed differently for each of them.

These plans also define type of data (e.g email, calendar, contacts) we can migrate for you.

Please choose your Rackspace Plan below to see what information we need for data migration (If you aren't sure which email plan you have with Rackspace, here is how to figure it out)

We use Rackspace Webmail

If you are using Rackspace Email – We will need email address and password of each of your users to migrate their data.

This password is used programmatically by our data migration utility which does not save any data except reporting stats like how many emails are migrated, success percentage etc.

We can migrate Email & Contacts for you, but not calendar as Rackspace does not provide a way to export calendar in this plan.

We use Rackspace Hosted Exhchange

If you are using Microsoft Exchange with Rackspace, then we will need a mailbox with impersonation rights on all the mailboxes, you will need to do following for it.

You can either provide us your existing Rackspace Administrator credentials, or create a new administrator account in Rackspace (its free, no license required) for us.

Reference : How to create a free Administrator account in Rackspace.

That is it, we'll handle the rest:).

We can migrate Email, Calendar and Contacts in this case.

We use Rackspace Office 365

If you are using Office 365, We will need an Office 365 account with either the global administrator or application impersonation rights, you will need to do following for it.

1. You can either provide us your existing Office 365 global/super administrator credentials, otherwise you can create a new user in Office 365 and assign application impersonation permission to it.

We can migrate Email, Calendar and Contacts in this case.

Read our detailed article on how to obtain all above information quickly

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