Seamless Google Workspace Migration

Transition From One Google Workspace Account to another for Branding, Mergers, and Acquisitions with our White Glove Migration Services. No Downtime Guaranted.



Folder Structure

Let us handle the transition of your existing Google Workspace's folder structure to your new workspace.

All Emails

Sit back and relax as we seamlessly migrate your entire email history current Google Workspace to the new one.


Rest assured, we'll take care of migrating all your email attachments to the new Google Workspace.

Address Book

Leave it to us to migrate your Google Workspace contacts with ease to the new Google Workspace Contacts.

Calendar Events

Our experts will handle the smooth transition of Google Workspace calendar events to the new one.

Google Drive

Optionally, we can also migrate your users' Google Drive Folders & Files including sharing permissions.

What our customers say

Your fellow small businesses appreciate Googally's value add

Thousands of our emails were migrated without a glitch from Rackspace to Google Workspace, It was a peace of mind to work with Googally

Terry Prince

Owner, Bianca e Nero

Denver, CO

I highly recommend using Googally for painless migrations, the time and money saved are worth 100 times what we paid. The entire process was done from my phone while I was traveling with my family on vacation. it couldn't have been any easier.

Christophe Suchy

CEO, casprtech

Mandeville, LA

Googally was not only very technically knowledgeable and capable, but our representative Parveen was very communicative and reassuring throughout the process.You would be in great hands when utilizing Googally for your Google Workspace migrations.

Brett Cherry

COO, BioGaia USA

St. Louis, MO

Migration Methodology

Streamlined Migration: Swift and Efficient

Our migration process ensures a seamless shift to your new Google Workspace account. We take care of every detail, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Complete Data Transfer
Zero Disruption Guarantee
Thorough Quality Checks
Real-time Progress Tracking
Turnkey Migration Service


Google Workspace Setup

You will be all set with our perfect Google Workspace setup included as a bonus.

No Downtime Guaranteed

No Interruption to your business with our zero downtime migration guarantee.

Unlimited Data Migration

3000 or 300,000, we’ll migrate all your emails at fix cost.

Desktop & Mobile Setup

Use our documentation to setup Outlook, iOS, Android devices instantly.

Regular Migration Updates

Track migration progress & stay updated with our status Dashboard.

Post Migration Support

Easily settle down with our 15 days free post migration support.

Transparent, One Time Investment!

A simple one-time fee for a smooth, hassle-free transition to Google Workspace

Risk-Free Migration

Our proven migration process guarantees zero business interruptions, get a full refund if we don't deliver.

Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Costs.

There are no surprises or additional fees, just a simple, one-time investment for a seamless migration.

Zero Downtime Guaranteed

Your business never stops, and neither do we. Experience a seamless weekend migration without disrupting daily operations.

Stay Informed and in Control

Monitor the migration process at every stage through our transparent and real-time tracking system.

Our Confidence, Your Assurance

Pay 50% upfront, and the rest after 80% migration is done. This balanced approach shows our commitment to your satisfaction.

White Glove Migration
All Inclusive Pricing
Google Workspace Setup
Unlimited Emails, Events & Contacts Migration
Folder Structure, Read / Unread Status Migration
Attachments Migration
Desktop, Laptops & Mobile Devices Setup Guides
Post Migration Support
Email & Chat Support
No Downtime Guaranteed
Licensing Recommendation to save cost
Migrate This Weekend


Frequently asked questions about Google Workspace to Google Workspace

Can you transfer Google Drive Content for our users?


We have successfully managed such transfers for numerous clients.

Our expertise covers the migration of Google Drive data, which includes a wide range of files such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, and images from your old Google Drive account to the new one.

We can ensure that sharing permissions are preserved during migration, so documents shared with specific users remain accessible.

Moreover, we also offer the option to migrate Google Drive Shortcuts and Shared Drive data, ensuring a comprehensive transition of your digital assets.

Kindly be aware that Google Drive data migration is not encompassed within the pricing provided above. If you're interested in this service, please reach out to us. We'll require some details regarding the size of your data in order to provide you with an accurate quote.

What would be our involvement in the migration process?

With our white glove migration service, your role is streamlined to providing us with essential credentials such as source and platform admin credentials, user list (if migrating a subset), and DNS credentials if delegated to us.

Our comprehensive documentation outlines the specifics we'll need from your end.

Once you've furnished us with the necessary information, you can entrust us with the complete migration process.

You can sit back and relax while we manage the entire migration journey.

Additionally, we'll provide you with a tracking sheet, enabling you to monitor the migration progress from start to finish.

How long will the migration take?

The duration of migration primarily hinges on data size and the scope of migration (emails, calendar, contacts, and Google Drive).

Drawing from our extensive experience with numerous clients, we can assure a complete migration within a single weekend if your users mailboxes are up to 10 GB in size.

Also, our migration approach prioritizes newer data, ensuring a smooth transition even for substantial mailboxes.

For your larger accounts, we can seamlessly migrate several years' worth of data over a weekend. This means you can start your workweek with your new Google Workspace account, while any remaining data continues migrating in the background.

How would we keep track of the migration?

You have the most vested interest in the process, and staying informed is crucial.

To make this possible, we employ a tailor-made online project management tool (Google Sheet) that our dedicated team updates regularly.

If you're curious about progress, just access the project link to see real-time status updates.

And for those who prefer visuals, our migration project tracker features graphical charts that provide a clear visual representation of your migration journey.

We are ready, where to start?

Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring that your move is executed flawlessly, minimizing disruption and maximizing benefits.

Ready to make the switch? Take the first step towards a more productive workspace.

Fill up the contact form below and, and we'll guide you through the process, making your Google Workspace transition a breeze.

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Customer Success Story

I highly recommend using Googally for painless migrations, the time and money saved are worth 100 times what we paid.

The entire process was done from my phone while I was traveling with my family on vacation: it couldn't have been any easier.

Christophe Suchy | CEO  | Caspertech | Addison TX

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