Google Workspace to Google Workspace Migration Process

Based on our first hand experience with bunch of Google Workspace migration projects, we have seen businesses like yours fall in one of the following categories:

  1. Rebranding : You already have a Google Workspace account in use with all your users, but now because of rebranding, you want to change the domain name. This process is comparatively easy as it does not data migration.
  2. Merger / Acquisition : There are 2 entities, both with their own Google Workspace account (with their respective users), and now they need to be merged to become a single account. This one is a bit complex as it includes data migration, deletion of one entity and merging with another.

I will explain to you the process we follow here at Googally for both of the above scenarios. This process has helped us achieve great results for our customers like BioGaia (You may read their migration case study here).

I hope this helps you understand the path forward regardless of whether you work with us or some other Google partner for your project.

Rebranding Use Case : 

Let me start with an example case study to help you understand the process better in each case.

Example Scenario

  • You are a small business that has been using Google Workspace for all of your 50 employees.
  • Your primary domain name in Google Workspace is
  • You are rebranding and decided to go with the domain.
  • Your website will now be instead of (you would have a redirect so visitors are redirected from to website).
  • Important : Assumption here is that is not registered or in use with Google Workspace yet.

Desired Result with Google Workspace:

  • All your users should have and use instead of
  • If anyone by mistake sends an email to, it should not be bounced, but rather should be delivered to the respective
  • No workspace data should be lost during the rebranding exercise, when users login to their, they should find all their data intact including email, calendar, docs etc.

Googally’s Migration Process (Rebranding):

  • Add as a secondary domain under your Google Workspace account.
  • Swap the primary domain from to
    Note : Changing primary domain name does not change users’ email addresses in Google Workspace, hence the next step.
  • Run the script to quickly change users’ email addresses from to
    When a user’s primary email address is changed in Google Workspace, Google retains the user's old email address as an email alias (or nickname). This is helpful because if someone sends an email to, this alias email will ensure this email lands in’s mailbox.
  • Setup Send  Mail As to allow to be able to send emails as This step is optional based on customer’s requirements.

Result after following our process

  • Your rebranding of Google Workspace domain is completed successfully without any data loss or downtime.
  • Your users now have a new email address ( to send and receive emails.
  • Emails accidentally sent to come to respective
  • Optionally, can also send as if required.

Merger / Acquisition Scenario :

Now, let me explain to you the process we follow for merger / acquisition scenarios. To simplify things a bit, let us keep the same example scenario with a change in situation to represent merger or acquisition.

Example Scenario

  1. You have been using Google Workspace on your company domain for all of your users.
  2. You acquired a company and their domain name in
  3. Your management decided to merge and present them as one entity, instead of running them with own names ( and 
  4. You would have a website redirect setup sometime so website visitors would be redirected automatically from to
  5. The company you acquired also uses Google Workspace for all of their employees, and have bunch of data including emails, calendar, contacts, drive files etc.
  6. Important : This assumes you both and have their own Google Workspace accounts in use.

Desired Result in Google Workspace:

  • You want one single Google Workspace account, each user should have one primary email address (e.g to meet business objectives.
  • Acquired company’s employees (e.g should now have email address as they are now part of This way you only pay for a workspace license once per employee.
  • No data should be lost during this merger, and should see all of their (including emails, calendar, contacts, docs) when they login to their new mailbox (
  • You want a setup where all users can send and receive emails in their mailbox, however if someone sends them an email on their old email, you want that too to come to the new email
  • Optionally, when your users reply to emails, by default it should be sent from their new email, but they should also have an option to send as right from mailbox.

Googally’s Migration Process (Merger):

Our migration process starts as soon as we receive required migration information from you, here is the step by step process:

  1. We add a temporary secondary domain to your old google workspace account, under in our example here, let's call this
  2. We migrate emails, calendar, and contacts (and optionally Drive files) for all / required users from to (Note, we’ll create the users in if you haven’t created them yet).

    Following steps are performed on weekends (usually on Friday evening as you won't have much email traffic). We also use scripts to fasten some of these process steps:
  3. Once the initial migration is completed, we’ll swap the primary domain from to, and rename all your users from to
  4. Now we delete the domain from its instance, this instance will only have left now, and all your users email now is
  5. We add as a secondary domain under, and verify the domain ownership via DNS record creation.

    You will have a few minutes of downtime between step number 4 and 5, because when we delete a domain from Google Workspace, Google needs some time to purge it from their database, and then we can re-add this domain under new (e.g under in our example) domain.

    However, if due to the nature of your business, if you can’t afford these few minutes of downtime on weekend evening, please let us know and we have another option to ensure zero downtime, it’ll increase the migration scope and pricing.
  6. At this stage, we have both your domains ( and under one google account, all your users here have primary email address.
  7. We now add email alias for each of your users, so all users get email alias, we do this step to ensure emails sent to users’ old email address (e.g does not bounce, and is rather delivered to users’ new email address (e.g
  8. We make any DNS changes if required (e.g DKIM for this secondary domain).
  9. We let you review everything and start using your new / branded Google Workspace.

  10. Once you are settled down, you can delete everything from your old domain (e.g to avoid paying for Google licenses there.

Result after following our process

  • Your two separate Google Workspace accounts are now merged into one. You have one centralized administration console to manage everything.
  • Your acquired company users now also have mailbox to send and receive emails. In addition, any emails sent to would also come to respective, so no email bounce.
  • Your acquired company’s users’ data including email, calendar, contacts (and optionally drive files) are migrated successfully with no data loss.
  • Optionally, all your acquired company’s users’ have an option to send emails as if needed.

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