What is Google Vault?

Google Vault is an essential tool for every organization, business, or IT administrator who uses Google Workspace. It can help businesses manage their data from accidental deletion.

Google Vault is an archiving and data governance tool in Google Workspace. It was launched in March 2012 as an archiving and ediscovery service to help organizations data retention, litigation holds and legal investigations. It can help businesses search and retain organization’s data by setting data retention rules.

Today’s article will help you learn about Google Vault, what it is, what it is used for, why you need it and more. Let’s dig in!

What is Google Vault Used For?

Google Vault is an e-discovery tool that helps organizations manage data by helping them prevent data loss and keep track of essential information. It also helps in searching or holding data for as long as needed.

Google vault is available in Google Workspace, among other tools like Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs Editors and more. Vault comes in handy by assisting businesses to do vital functions like:

Archiving- Google Vault will help you retain data for as long as you want, all you need to do is set retention rules in Vault. This helps archive your organization’s data by preserving it indefinitely or for a number of days as per your data retention requirement, even when it is deleted accidentally by your employees.

Holds(Legal & Compliance)- This is where Google Vault places a hold on a user’s account to preserve data for legal purposes. Your data will not be purged from Google systems if it is under legal hold even if the retention rule expires.

Locating Data (search)- You can utilize Google’s advanced search potency to retrieve specific data within Google Vault. Search data by user account, date, keyword or file type. Google Vault can help you search for data in different Google services like:

  • Gmail messages
  • Google Drive (including Docs, Drive, Slides)
  • Google Meet
  • Google Chat messages
  • New Google Sites

Export- Once you’ve retrieved your data, Google Vault will help you export it for further processing. Google Vault can export up to 10 GB of data in each compressed file. According to Google, the export process includes the following:

  • A complete copy matching your search
  • The metadata you require to link the data you exported to each user in your organization
  • The confirmatory information needed to show that the exported data correlates with the data retained in Google’s serves

You must be wondering what format you can use to export your data. For effective transfer of data, you can export in the following formats:

  • CSV
  • PST
  • MBox format
  • Chrome- in PDF or save to Drive
  • XML
  • Print in PDF to redact

Why Use Google Vault?

The key factor for businesses is regulatory compliance, Google Vault is an essential tool for organizations where compliances mandate data to be retained for a certain duration (e.g 7 years).

Industry regulations and certain laws require organizations to maintain records and information. Vault can help you retain your organization's data to meet such compliances like retain data for x years or indefinitely. 

Even if your organization doesn’t fall under such compliances, you can still benefit from Google Vault as it protects your data from accidental or intentional data deletion.

Do I need Vault for My Organization?

The simple answer is yes. You need Google Vault for the archiving of your data as well as holding them for as long as you want. Besides this, Vault will help you prevent data loss while maintaining the privacy of crucial information.

How Do I Access Google Vault?

To access Google Vault, sign in to vault.google.com and enter your Vault admin id and password.

Is Google Vault Included in Google Workspace?

Google Vault is web-based and it’s included in Google Workspace Enterprise, Education, and Business editions. It is among other Google services which include:

  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Meet, etc

How Do I Buy Google Vault?

If Vault is not included in your Google Workspace, you can buy it as an add-on license. It’s also possible to buy Vault for more than one user. You can buy Google Vault in these few steps:

  1. Log in to the administrator’s account(Admin console).
  2. Then go to the menu
  3. At your top right, click “Add Services.”
  4. Find Google Vault and click “Add It Now.”
  5. Follow the instructions on your screen and add Vault to your business’s Google account.
  6. Set up Google Vault for your company by following these steps

How Much Does it Cost?

If your Google Workspace subscription does not include Google Vault, then you purchase it as a stand alone subscription for $5 per user per month.

What are The Features of Google Vault?

Google Vault involves several features which help organizations and businesses retain data and protect from accidental data loss. They include:

  • Data Retention
  • Data Search
  • Legal Hold
  • Legal Investigation
  • Data Export

What are the Benefits of Using Google Vault?

One common question that people ask is how Google Vault will benefit their organization. Until now, you’ve probably seen how Vault is crucial for your organization. Some of Google Vault’s benefits include:

  • Security: Vault helps keep your information safe by preventing data loss. Vault will help you recover the data which has been deleted accidentally or intentionally by any user.
  • Maintenance: It helps your organization maintain and retain data for as long as you need to comply with your business and/or compliance requirements.
  • Cost-effective: Another benefit is reduced cost. Google Vault will help you store, search, hold, and export your information at no extra cost. This tool also comes at a reasonable cost of only $5 per month if it's not included in your Google Workspace subscription plan.
  • Archiving: Vault will archive all your organization’s data based on your data retention policies. These retention policies can be customized based on your needs.
  • Searching: Vault will quickly help you search archived data. These searches can be performed using Google Vault’s search filters.
  • Export Data: You can export data based on your search results, which can be further prepared to present in investigations.

Is Google Vault a Backup Option?

While Vault can help you retain, hold, search and export indefinitely, it’s not a backup plan. However, many businesses consider it a backup solution due to its ability to retain data. Vault is a modern archiving service that retains data for investigations but can be used for data pulls.


Google Vault is a Google Workspace service used by organizations to manage data. It helps businesses retain, search, hold, and export data such as Drive files and Gmail messages in your Google Workspace environment. 

You can set up all your users and manage your information at no extra cost. Start using Google Vault for your organization’s data today and enjoy the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).

#1. Is Google vault reliable?

Google Vault is reliable. Google ensures that all its services are available to all government institutions, schools, and businesses.

#2. Is Vault necessary?

Yes, it is. A vault is essential to meet your business’s data retention and/or regulatory compliance needs. It also archives your data for as long as you need.

#3.  Who Uses Google Vault? 

Vault is used by government institutions, schools, businesses, and all organizations.

#4. What is stored in Google Vault?

Google Vault holds, retains, and searches data stored in Gmail, Google Groups, Google Drive like Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google Docs, Google Meet recordings, and new Google sites.

#5. What are Google Vault Matters?

A Google Vault Matter is a container for all the information on a particular topic, like an investigation or litigation.

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