Google Workspace MacBook Setup

Step 1

  • Go to Apple main menu, click on Apple icon, and then select “System Preferences” as shown in the screenshot.
  • You can also search for “System Preferences’ in the spotlight search and then click on it.

Step 2

  • As you will be adding a new Google Workspace account on your Macbook, Click on “Internet Accounts”

Step 3

  • As Google Workspace is Google’s service, simply click on “Google” to setup new Google Workspace account on your Apple Macbook.


Step 4

  • Enter your full Google Workspace Email Address as shown in the screenshot
  • It should look like
  • Click Next

Step 5

  • Enter your Google Workspace Account Password
  • Click Next


Step 6

  • Select the applications you want to access and sync with your Apple Macbook
  • Such as Email, Calendar and Contact
  • Click Done

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