Rackspace Email Outage Solution

We at Googally perform migrations from different email systems to Google Workspace every weekend, as usual we were busy doing migrations this weekend (started Friday evening), however we suddenly noticed a peak in our website traffic inquiring about migrating from Rackspace (especially hosted exchange).

Out of one of those inquiries, a prospective customer mentioned “ With the Rackspace outage this is critical for our company to be up and running this weekend”, so we quickly googled to figure out that Rackspace has reported a security incident.

This security incident forced Rackspace to cut down their email services, and customers have been without email since then losing their business.

We understand that at this time, your priority is to have business continuity and deal with Rackspace later, so we just made this offering after talking to a couple of our customers which should help you get out of this disaster right away.

Google Workspace as Disaster Recovery Offering: 

  • We will set up Google Workspace right away, and let you back in business within 60 minutes (guaranteed). This will let your users start sending and receiving emails.
  • Later, you can decide if you still want to stick with Rackspace (we doubt you’ll), but as you now have your new home for messaging and collaboration you can keep it that way, and we can migrate all your data (including email, folders, attachments, calendar events, contacts etc) from Rackspace to Google Workspace (once their systems are back).
  • Now, you can review your Google Workspace data migration, and are all set to cancel / delete your Rackspace email subscription and live happily thereafter with Google Workspace.

Offering Pricing: 

  • One time fix fee of $297, however if you decide to later migrate data with us, we can discount this $297 (e.g you have 10 users, we provided you a quote of $990 ($99 per user migration * 10 users), you pay us $297 for above package now, and if you migrate data from Rackspace to Google with us, then at that point, we’ll discount this $297 ending up your quote for 10 users to $693 ($990 - $297)

Timeline : 

  • We work 24*7 on weekends to migrate our customers from various email platforms to Google Workspace anyways, so we are all set and ready to get you out of this disaster within 60 minutes if you can provide us with the following information.

Information Needed : 

  1. Please provide us the DNS credentials (where your domain name servers are hosted, e.g Godaddy) so we can complete the Google Workspace setup for you, and if you aren’t comfortable providing it, let us know and we can send you the changes to be made there.
  2. Please only register with Google for Google Workspace (5 mins process) as Google will need your business and credit card details hence it should be done by you, but we have the steps listed with screenshots along with 12% flat discount for fist full year, you can see the registration documentation here https://www.googally.com/blog/google-workspace-sign-up
  3. Please either provide your existing Rackspace Admin credentials or create a new admin for us (Rackspace doesn’t charge anything for it) as shown in our documentation here https://www.googally.com/blog/create-rackspace-admin-account 
  4. We will need a list of users with their First Name, Last Name and Email address to create them in Google Workspace, however if you have provided us the Rackspace Admin credentials (#3), then we can get it by ourselves from Rackspace admin console.
  5. We will also need a list of user aliases, groups and members to create them in Google Workspace,  however if you have provided us the Rackspace Admin credentials (#3), then we can get it by ourselves from Rackspace admin console.
  6. Project Fee of $297 (contact us and we can send you a stripe payment link so you can pay via any major credit card)

Delivery : 

  • Once you provide the above information, we will have you up and running in less than 60 minutes (or 100% money back).
  • You will receive a google sheet with your Google Workspace setup details including your users email addresses and one time strong password which they’ll need to change at first login.


Will changing my email to Google Workspace impact our Rackspace email data?

No, think of it like you now have two houses, and you are asking USPS to deliver your mails to your new address, you are still keeping the old house though.

However, later once you are happy with Google Workspace, you see all your old email data (with folders, attachments etc) and new emails are also coming in here now, you can cancel Rackspace email subscription, till you cancel or delete Rackspace email accounts, your Rackspace data would remain intact.

Why can't we migrate from Rackspace to Google Workspace right now?

If you are using Rackspace Webmail, we can definitely migrate you to Google Workspace including all your email data, but if you are using Rackspace Hosted Exchange, then it is down, neither users not migration utilities can access it, so we'll need to wait till Rackspace hosted exchange services are back to help you migrate from there. In the meantime, you can start with a clean state as suggested above.

Can we switch back to Rackspace if we want to?

Yes, you can, though we are confident you would fall in love with Google Workspace in a few sights if not at first:), but if somehow you still decide to move back to Rackspace, then you simply need to change your DNS to point your domain’s emails to Rackspace.

We can help you point your emails back to Rackspace free of cost, however if you want us to migrate the emails that came to Google Workspace back to Rackspace, then we’ll need to scope and price it additionally.


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