How to upload company logo in google workspace

Most of our customers had been using Gmail in their personal lives before they start using google workspace for their business, and one of the first few questions they have is ‘How do I use my company logo’ on google applications, so we wrote this detailed article to cover exactly that.

So How do you upload your company logo to Google Workspace?

You will need to login to Google Workspace, and navigate to personalization under Account Settings to upload your company logo. Your logo file should be png, under 30 Kb and 320 x 132 pixels in dimensions.

Where exactly in the Admin console do I go?

Go to and enter your Google Workspace admin email and password to login to admin console

Now, navigate to Accounts and click on Account Settings

Scroll down and you will see ‘Personalization’ section

You will see Google as the default logo, click on custom logo ratio button and then click on select file to upload

Choose your company logo from your desktop or laptop, make sure its dimensions are as per the recommendations

Now you should see your custom uploaded logo here, click on save button to confirm changes

You will see the confirmation message 'logo updated'

Once the logo is successfully uploaded, it will be shown in supported google applications like shown below.

How do I make sure my logo looks good everywhere?

Please make sure your custom logo follows Google’s recommended guidelines, otherwise you will see an error or your company logo will look blurry.

  • Your logo image file type should be png
  • It should not be more than 30 kb in size
  • Its dimensions should be 320 x 132
  • You must use Google Chrome browser to upload custom logo

How long does it take for my custom logo to appear everywhere?

Though as per Google’s formal documentation, it may take up to 4 days for your custom uploaded logo to appear in Google Workspace applications, however based on our experience it starts to show up within a day most of times.

If you followed Google’s size and format recommendations listed above, and did not get any error, that indicates your company logo has been uploaded successfully, and it would appear in the apps like Gmail soon, just have some patience and check back in a few hours.

Where would my company logo appear in Google Workspace?

Your logo will appear on following applications:


Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets and Slides)

Google Calendar

Google Sites

Google Groups

Google Contacts

Google Chat

Your logo will not be shown in the following google apps as these apps don’t have a place to show logo:

Google Admin Console

Google Photos

Google Meet

Google Business Manager

Google Cloud Search

and others

Can I upload different logos for different services or domains?

Google allows one logo for all the applications which support custom logo (mentioned above), so you can not have a different logo based on the service, domain, organization unit or group.

What if I want to remove my custom logo later?

If you are cancelling Google Workspace subscription or want to remove your company logo for any other reason, you can follow the same path to remove your logo as you did to upload it (e.g navigate to personalization in admin console, select google default logo and save changes). You can similarly change your custom logo in case of rebrading of your company.

Once the changes are saved, your company logo will be removed from supported google applications, and Google’s default logo will start to appear.

Can I use a custom logo with Google Workspace for Education?

Yes, all Google Workspace subscription plans allow uploading company logo.

Help! My logo looks blurry/stretched/weird!

Your custom logo would blurry if you have not followed Google’s guideline for logo dimensions (e.g 320 x 132 px). Please re-upload the logo with the given dimensions to fix this.

Can I use animated GIFs for my logo?

Though as per Google’s documentation, you can upload logo in gif format, however it does not show the animation. we’ll rather recommend you to use png file.

Can I upload a custom favicon too?

No, only custom company logo is supported.

Can I get help with designing a logo for my organization?

If you already have a company logo, you can use tool like to resize your logo in the supported dimensions and size (e.g 320*132, png, under 30 kb).

Once you have the logo downloaded in supported format, upload it to google workspace.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when uploading a custom logo?

  • End users can not change the logo, you must be a Google Workspace Administrator to do that.
  • Follow the Google’s format, logo image type and size details strictly.
  • Do not use animated logo.
  • Pay attention to the logo dimensions to avoid blurry image.
  • Have patience and give it sometime to update the logo once you upload it.

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