Google Workspace Business Starter

Google Workspace is a suite of applications and tools to help support your business or service. Workspace provides essential software to increase productivity and allow communication across various devices and media. The different tiers of the application are a subscription, with Starter being the lowest. So what is Google Workspace Business Starter edition?

Using a set of apps like Google Workspace can be overwhelming when you realize all the functions you can perform. Don’t sweat it! Take time and think about how you can improve your workplace. Read on and learn all you need to know about the Google Workplace Business Starter edition.

Google Workspace Business Starter Edition

Google Workspace Business is a multi-use set of applications and administration tools that allow you to control data across your company and provide email and areas for collaboration and communication. The Starter edition is the lowest rung on the ladder but still provides some practical tools to supercharge your business.

Gmail is the Most Used Email Application in the World

The most important thing you get with a Started edition subscription is Gmail. It is used by millions of people and is a simple and easy-to-use application. Google launched Gmail when its initial suite of tools hit the market back in the 00s. They became the head of the class then and hadn’t looked back.

The functions that Gmail gives your business with the Starter edition are:

  • Personalized Email - Nothing makes your business look professional like email addresses with after it. When people see the name of your business in a professional email, they know that you can be taken seriously.

  • Communication Platform - Email is the most used way to communicate, with most of your inter-office comms being emails and threads. Gmail makes the process simple and doesn’t require hours of training to master.

Gmail allows you a safe and straightforward way to communicate with all your employees and customers. In addition, other applications with the Google Workspace Business Starter edition will give you more ways to share and tons of space for your emails.

Google Drive is Another Application in the Starter Edition

The app that goes hand in hand with Gmail is Google Drive. It is a place where you can store all your emails and company content. It helps your Gmail by allowing you to keep a backlog of emails and provides a few other benefits for your company.

A few benefits that Google Drive provides to your business are as follows:

  • Storage - The most crucial thing that Drive does is provide 30GB for each user in your business account. This storage works to save your emails, project notes, and video chats from all your interactions.
  • Sharing - Once everyone has their log-in information, they can easily share files through Google Drive. Sharing makes it easy for people to collaborate on projects or give their peers access to their work files while they are on vacation or sick.

Google Drive works best as a collaborative tool to distribute and share lots of information with your workers and peers. By leaning on an application like Google Drive, you and your workforce can solve problems together, and you can harness their work potential.

Google Meet is Another Impactful Software in the Starter Edition

Google Meet is their answer to Skype and other video chat platforms. It allows people to have a face-to-face conversation with an employee from anywhere and gives them inside access to meetings that could impact the face and future of the company.

Some options that are available with the Starter Edition of Google Meet are:

  • Multiple Calls - Meet allows you to have several people on one call. This multi-use application will enable you to have small meetings with your teams and get everyone on the same page on projects that could be lagging.
  • Long Distance - You can connect with users around the globe with Google Meet. Often businesses in the start-up phases have to build international connections, and Google Meet allows them to interact with no extra costs or equipment.

Google Meet is another special software that you are given access to with the Google Workspace Business Starter edition. The limitations of janky video conference calls are gone with this simple app, and the days of crystal-clear video conference calls have arrived.

Google Workplace Business Starter Edition is a Worthwhile Investment

If you are building a company and are looking for software to communicate, collaborate, and grow your business, you should look no further than the Starter edition. It gives you access to all these guaranteed tools to make your job easier and faster. It also comes at a low price which any business, from start-up to profitable, can afford.

Some reasons that the Starter edition of Google Workplace Business Starter are:

  • Affordable - The Starter edition of Workplace is only $6/month. While some businesses could be working on a zero budget, once the money begins to roll in, it would be a mistake to ignore how much functionality can be bought for such a low price.
  • Functionality - All the functions you can perform with the apps provided by Google will be rocket fuel for your business and grow like wildfire. You get software that will solve all your communication headaches for a small investment and minimal storage space.

It is a no-brainer that using one of the tiers of Google Workspace Business will improve your work performance. Sharing and talking with your workers around the clock and in faraway locations will make your job much smoother and improve your bottom line.


Purchasing a Google Workplace Business Starter edition subscription is a safe bet for any company with a small number of employees and a strong need for communication tools. Workspace provides a platform for workers to have email, video, and chat services, allowing them to confer on their time and get work done promptly.

The $6/month fee for the Starter edition tier is just the beginning. Once you have a thriving company looking to expand with more employees, storage, or administration tools, other tiers provide access to another set of applications.

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