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While Google Workspace already offers reasonable rates, an easy-to-understand tiered payment system, and a per-person monthly service rate, those new to Google Workspace might be looking for some extra ways to save on the service. Are there anything like coupons or promotional codes that can be used with Google Workspace? 

Through affiliate partners such as Googally, people looking to obtain a Google Workspace promo code can get a percentage off of their purchase. These purchases are only valid on the first year of service, and only one can be used per account. 

Keep reading to learn more about Google Workspace promo codes, how to get them, and how to apply them. 

What is a Google Workspace Promo Code?

Quite simply, it’s a code that you enter when signing up for a new account with Google Workspace, for a certain amount off of your annual Workspace fee. These computer-generated codes are entered into Google’s system to activate a discount on Workspace’s monthly or annual fees. 

These promo codes can be found throughout the year and are a great way to make onboarding with Google Workspace a little lighter of your budget. In addition to the already reasonable rates Google charges, these promos can help large or small businesses save some green and get even more out of Workspace. 

When Can You Use a Google Workspace Promo Code?

Promo codes are applied when setting up your account. You can’t apply a promo code to an already existing account, but you can apply a code to an account that you are about to set up. 

This promo code gets applied to the next billing cycle, and the discount can save you 12% off your first purchase of a Google Workspace plan. This promo code will deduct that 12% discount off of the first year of service, and plans will renew at the standard price after that. 

Why Would You Want to Use a Promo Code?

Promo codes are a simple yet effective way to save some money as you onboard to Google Workspace. While Google Workspace is easy to use and has simple payment options, there’s always some benefit to saving money where you can, especially if you’re a smaller business looking to adopt Google Workspace as a productivity platform.

These savings can help divert funds elsewhere and can even help you onboard more employees in the long-run. The savings are useful, and easy to apply. The promo codes cost nothing to use, and are easy to copy, paste, and apply. It’s a great way to help Google add customers, and help you save some money. 

How Do I Get a Google Workspace Promo Code?

Google Workspace promo codes can be obtained through Googally, and then applied to your Workspace account! As a small business dedicated to helping you migrate to Google Workspace, we regularly provide promo codes for on-boarding users. 

Google itself will not offer promo codes for new Workspace customers. To get them, you have to go through an affiliate partner like Googally. If you ever receive a promo code claiming to come from Google itself, be aware that it is a scam and report it to Google Customer Support. 

You can grab 12% off Google Workspace promo code here

What does Googally Offer?

There are websites and services where you may be able to find promo codes for Google Workspace. 

Googally is an excellent source for verified Google promo codes as they are Google’s affiliate partner for this Google Workspace promotion program.

Other websites also offer Workspace promo codes, but we recommend sticking with trusted websites, like the promo codes from Googally. It can be difficult to verify more obscure third-party promo codes, so the more official your channels, the better chance that your promo code will be authentic, and usable. 

How Do You Enter a Workspace Promo Code?

Workspace Promo Codes are entered when you enter your billing information as a Google Workspace user. 

Simple click on “billing” and select “promotion code”. Enter the code that you’d like to apply to your account and allow the system to verify that this code is applicable to your account. 

Click “continue” to see your order summary, and a verification of the applied promo code. You won’t see this discount immediately reelected on your bill, but you will see the promo code, and a notification that it will be applied during your next billing cycle. 

Complete the final steps to set up billing, and you’ll be good to go. 

Viewing your Discount

You’ll see the discount applied to the order immediately after you put the code in and press enter. After you’ve entered and applied your promo code, you can view the discount once your paid service has begun. 

Simple sign into your admin account, select “Billing”, and then “Payment accounts”. Next to your subscription, select “View invoices”. Discounts will be visible here, and will be prorated for months of service.  

How Much Will You Save?

This really depends upon the rate of the promotion. For example, a 12% coupon like you’ll get from Googally will take off the 12% from your annual bill at a flat rate, reflected across every month.

Let’s say your annual fee is $1,200. Your monthly bill of $100 will reflect your 12% discount each month, for an $88 amount on your monthly invoice and a $1,056 annual discounted fee.  

Overall, an average promo code will save you roughly 10%, but with Googally, you get an even higher discount (e.g 12%). How much money you save overall really depends upon the tier of service you use, and how many employees you have onboarded. 

How Long Will the Promo Code Work For?

Googally’s Google Workspace promo code saves you 12% off of the first year. After that, your plan will renew at the normal rate. 

Remember that your plan will automatically renew at the annual rate once your first year expires, so you’ll need to go in and change the settings if you’d rather be billed monthly. 

Will the Promo Code Work on Every Tier?

This really depends on the promo code itself. Promo codes are specific to Business Starter, Business Standard, or Business Plus, you should select your Google Workspace plan when requesting promo code from so you get the right one.

Can You Use a Promo Code for an Upgrade?

What if you’re an existing customer who would like to upgrade his or her Google Workspace account? Can a promo code be applied, or is it only for new users?

Googally’s Google Workspace promo code is only available for new customers. You cannot use the promo code when you’re trying to upgrade your plan. You could theoretically create a new account and get a working promo code that way, but that is definitely not advisable. 

That is why it’s important to make sure you select the correct plan when you’re purchasing Google Workspace the first time. That Googally promo code really does save a decent chunk of money. Make sure you’re using it wisely!

What If Your Promo Code Doesn’t Work?

If you input a promo code and receive an error message in response, your code didn’t go through. This may be because the promo code, while good on other Google services like the Google Play Store or Google Ads, may not have been designed to work with Google Workspace. 

Make sure to check the terms of the code to make sure it’ll work with Workspace, and double check the alpha-numeric sequence of the promo code, as it may not have been copied and pasted correctly. 

Alternatively, the promo code may have expired, or you may be trying to use the code as a returning user. If this is the case or your code isn’t working for another reason, you can reach out to Googally’s amazing customer support team for answers!

Avoiding Scams

There are a lot of fake Google Workspace promo codes out there, and some websites will charge you for access to promo codes which may or may not work or may not be active. It’s extremely important to avoid scams and save yourself both time and money. 

The closer you are to the source the harder you’ll be to scam. Official, affiliated, and reputable promo code sources are always best, and there’s no way to beat Google’s own official promo codes. Be cautious of mass email offers, and codes posted on social media.

Google’s prices are also easy to understand and are set at a level that is merciful to even small business owners on a budget. There are no hidden fees, no surprise sub-charges, and your access to all of Google’s tools is front and center. Google has done a wonderful job of explaining which features you’ll have all access to, and their pricing transparency is admirable. 

Storage and Room to Grow (or shrink)

Google generously supplies every Workspace account with at least 30 gigabytes and as many as 5 terabytes of storage space on Google Drive which is an optimal amount of storage for most small businesses. 

You can also upgrade or downgrade your level of service depending on your business needs. This means that as your business expands, so can everything that Google Workspace can offer you. If the converse is true, and you need to scale down your Workspace account, Google makes going smaller a breeze. 

Other Ways to Save Money

Promo codes are great, but after applying the promo code, how else can you save money as you use Google Workspace? As you monitor your account, make sure that you delete any inactive accounts, in order to save money on those specific accounts.

For example, deleting an inactive account from Google Workspace Business Starter will save you $6 a month, and $72 a year. Deleting three inactive Business Standard accounts will save you $36 per month, or $432 per year. This is a considerable savings and can help you divert this money to other business needs you may have. 

You can also save on IT costs by using both Google’s software and Google’s hardware. The Google Chromebook is a great way to use Google’s software on native hardware, and reduce costs associated with IT hardware and security. The Chromebook is designed to be secure, easy to use with Google’s apps, and efficient, saving you money on extra hardware expenses and reducing your need to outsource support. 

We wrote a dedicated blog post highlighting some interesting ways to save money on Google Workspace subscription, you can read them here

What Else is Googally Good For?

Googally may provide you with a nice promo code to use on your Google Workspace Subscription, but that’s not all they do! They also offer migration services from platforms like:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Godaddy
  • Rackspace
  • And even Google Workspace!

You can migrate your data from basically every best-known workspace to Google Workspace without lifting a single finger! The Googally team will take over the entire process for you quickly and easily. If you’re nervous, Googally also offers tours of the process you can view so you know exactly how it’ll go and how they’ll handle your business with care!


Google Workspace promo codes are a great way to save money on annual or monthly costs associated with Google Workspace. While Workspace’s pricing is reasonable and transparent, promo codes can help users save an of 12% on total costs. 

These promo codes are entered during the billing process, either during initial sign-up, or when upgrading to a higher tiered account. Google Workspace promo codes can be found via Googally. 

Savings depend on total costs, and on whether your account is paid for annually or monthly. If your payment for Workspace is made annually, you will see savings for the entire costs of that year, through all twelve months. If your payment plan is flexible and monthly, the promo code’s discount will be applied for a single month.

Promo codes are a great way to get into the rich array of features and excellent support and security offered to teams by Google Workspace. Be aware of fake codes, scams, and expired codes. The best sources for these promo codes will always be affiliated, trusted sources and websites like Googally.  

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